Frosted Sugar Cookie

4.5 oz. bag

6-Pack (6 x 4.5 oz. bag)

$4.49 per bag - SAVE $3.00!
12-Pack (12 x 4.5 oz. bag)

$4.32 per bag - SAVE $8.00!

Holidrizzle Kettle Corn – A delightfully decadent twist on the holiday season's favorite flavors.

Our Holidrizzle flavors are a remix of the Season's favorite flavors. Not for the faint of snacking heart, these treats are addictively delicious and a must-have for everyone's gift list.

Authentically made and "Angie approved," all natural Holidrizzle flavors contain no corn syrup and are non GMO; they are also kosher certified and gluten-free. At 130 and 150 calories per serving, both are a healthier holiday snack choice.

Frosted Sugar Cookie
Frosted Sugar Cookie